Arctic Warrior American Ale

Giving back to those who give so much! 

Arctic Warrior American Ale is a lite, crisp, refreshing beer perfect for hot days or anyone who enjoys a traditional domestic American beer. The US government officially gave the term Arctic Warrior to the US military personnel based in Alaska. This beer is our salute to their service and the freedom they provide for everyone in the great State of Alaska. Matanuska Brewing proudly donates 5% of all Arctic Warrior sales to the Alaska Armed Services YMCA, whose specific mission is to assist and support active-duty military families in Alaska. The Armed Services YMCA uses no public money to operate and is 100% funded by private sector donations. So every time you tip back a can of Arctic Warrior, know that you did just a little to support our military families in need.

All four branches of the Military are depicted in the Arctic Warrior logo. The F-22 Rapter (Airforce), The USS Alaska, Nuclear Submarine ( Navy), The Apache attack helicopter on skis ( Army), and the V22 Asprey representing the Marines. This beer is simply a solute to the badass F*ckers who defend our freedom. Thank you ALL for your service. Cheers!